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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Oh Very Young

Lily Allen in today's Pitchfork:

Beyonce: "Irreplaceable

"That's one of my favorite songs. I've been listening to lots of old music."

This is a semantic error, right? She does also say she likes Gerry Rafferty. I'll always think of "Stuck in the Middle With You" as music to cut ears by.....

MR. BLONDE: Now I'm not gonna bullshit you. I don't really care about what you know or don't know. I'm gonna torture you for awhile regardless. Not to get information, but because torturing a cop amuses me. There's nothing you can say,there's nothing you can do.Except pray for death.

He puts a piece of tape over the cop's mouth.

Mr. Blonde walks away from the cop.

MR. BLONDE: Let's see what's on K-BILLY'S"super sounds of the seventies"weekend.
He turns on the radio.

Stealer's Wheel's hit "Stuck in the Middle with You" PLAYS over the speaker.

NOTE: This entire sequence is timed to the music.

Mr. Blonde slowly walks toward the cop.
He opens a large knife.
He grabs a chair, places it in front of the cop and sits in it.
Mr. Blonde just stares into the cop's/our face, holding the knife, singing along with the song.
Then, like a cobra, he LASHES out.

A SLASH across the face.

The cop/camera moves around wildly.

Mr. Blonde just stares into the cop's/our face, singingalong with the seventies hit.
Then he reaches out and CUTS OFF the cop's/our ear.