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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Enter the Labyrinth

Guillermo del Toro on Fairy Tales and Inspiration:
“In the time of spiritual formation, for me, both fairy tales and the Bible had the exact same weight. I was as enthralled by a parable in the Bible about the grain of mustard, as I could be about three brothers on their quest to marry a princess. I found equal spiritual illumination in both. Even when I was a kid, funny enough, I used to be able to find those fairy tales that felt preachy and pro-establishment, and I hated them. I hated the ones that were about, ‘Don’t go out at night.’ There are fairy tales that are created to instill fear in children, and there are fairy tales that are created to instill hope and magic in children. I like those. I like the anarchic ones. I like the crazy ones. And, I think that all of them have a huge quotient of darkness because the one thing that alchemy understands, and fairy tale lore understands, is that you need the vile matter for magic to flourish. You need lead to turn it into gold. You need the two things for the process. So when people sanitize fairy tales and homogenize them, they become completely uninteresting for me.”

Wow, what a film. In its light, I hope I have the courage to expose Rebecca to the bloodiest, darkest, most complex and thoroughly magical stories the history of fairy tale has to offer. Screw political correctness and protecting one's child -- bring on the demon fauns, the bloody-fingered princesses and the bottomless pits!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have been too chicken to watch this film, but I have loved his other works and look forward to seeing this film from the comfort of behind my couch.

It would scare the pee out of my fraidy kids

now, without blog

12:44 PM


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