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Friday, July 28, 2006

we're out of soup?

David Rensin, new blogger at the great site, pretty much exactly captures my mood being back in the daily journalism stream in this, his first entry for LAO's Native Intelligence subsite. These paragraphs especially:

I just know I’m missing something. There’s a brass ring out there waiting to be grabbed and taken home. My needs for loopdom are simple: I just want to be able to shop at Whole Foods without feeling like I really belong at Ralphs. Oh, and I want all those health freaks in their muscle shirts and leotards, who smell like barley and patchouli, to melt on the spot like a warm Cinnabun. There’s a place I dream of where there are twenty words for “brilliant”, but none for “anxiety.”

I want to be in the loop even though as my friend Carrie says, it leads to “a constant state of lack and need. A gross existential solipsism. A hunger that when satisfied only makes you more hungry because the loop, the information and inclusion that supposedly makes you happy, is, like a wave, ephemeral. Tomorrow’s birdcage liner.”

Making me feel a little better, Simon Reynolds suggests in this trenchant (love that word, it's so meaningless) column that we're all too much in the loop anyway - found this via

Now back to looping!