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Thursday, December 13, 2007


I don't know, maybe I'll revive this thing. I've been busy writing my hands off at my regular gig; you can check that stuff here.

Meanwhile, just wanted to share a couple of wise words the squirt offered recently. Both came from the carseat as we drove home from Montessori.

"Mommy, when I was sleeping last night I was a mermaid!" Thus, our girl articulates dreaming for the first time.

And this one I want on a t-shirt:

"I have magic powers. I just don't know where I put them."



Anonymous David Comay said...

Nice to see the post and hope it's the start of more in the new year. And thanks for the summary link to the Times, it makes it easy to find your articles although I wish it was available as a RSS feed.

Best wishes for the holiday and a happy new year to boot.

2:49 PM

Blogger Ms.Beatkonductah said...

Yes Im looking forward to the posts...

4:31 PM

Blogger Witcher said...

Babeisms: a Sow in the City ..

1:21 AM

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