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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

A Tad More Feministing

A coupla folks (including a commentator here) have pointed out that Maureen Dowd's Mag essay actually ends up kinda condemning those young post-feminists in a sort of defense of feminist values. I don't doubt that Dowd thinks of herself as a feminist, but what I see here is this (apologies to girlgroup members, who've seen this post there already):

I see the attitude Dowd and many others have recently copped as part of an ascendant fatalistic anti-feminism. The NY Times seems particularly prone to this kind of analysis. The gist tends to be: feminism would have been great, but it doesn't satisfy certain primal needs in men and women -- needs that fulfill gender stereotypes -- so despite the fact that it will destroy their lives, young upper-middle-class women are rejecting it (writes older reporter). Come to think of it, feminism never was sexy-maternal-fatalistic enough, so really it's feminism's fault. Too bad.

Okay. Enough for now about the power ladies. Maybe I should save some energy for getting out there and marching when Alito helps revoke Roe.


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