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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Don't Forget Deliciousness

Oh yeah, I made some awesome double-ginger crackle cookies tonight. Bebe helped a lot - -she held the mixer and formed the dough into imperfect sugary balls -- but when she tried to eat one, she threw it on the ground. Too spicy, probably. Still, for the grown-ups, yum! Find the recipe in the new Holiday edition of Fine Cooking, the culinary magazine for people who don't always have pink peppercorns, banana leaves and an in-house smoker handy. This is an ACTUAL PICTURE of the cookies (well, the ones in the magazine).


Anonymous Steven Rubio said...

I don't have anything particularly delicious to say. I just wanted to send a belated welcome to the blogosphere. As soon as I saw that you had a blog, I thought that it was a perfect venue for your writing. Whether or not YOU think that is another matter, of course.

OK, I thought of something delicious to say: linguica.

9:37 PM


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