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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Deep trivialities Part One

Reading my post of the other day, I realized that I've already started to repeat myself on this blog. How embarrassing! My Joan Didion entry also asked some self-probing (ouch!) questions about what a writer should or would expose about herself, or what self is really there to expose. In honor of my little obsession, I've decided to play a game. Every other day for two weeks I'm going to write a paragraph about something I never thought I'd write about. Maybe it will be trivial, maybe it will be revelatory, possibly both.

Then for the music lovers out there I'll also write a paragraph about a piece of music I heard that day or the day before.

And for the mamas and the papas, one sentence (at least) about the parenting adventure. Well, I might not have time to do that, but I'll try!!!

It's late, so I'm not starting tonight, though I'm burning to write about getting my eyebrows waxed. Also, tomorrow, I'm planning on going out and getting slightly tipsy at an evening of surrealist dream interpretation, so no promises. Friday's likely.

In baby-milestone news: Bebe pee'd into the toilet today! This was also the first big milestone that our nanny Carrie witnessed instead of us. She's only working for us one day a week, and she gets this!! Oh well, I know it will happen again (perhaps, one can hope, soon...)


Anonymous Jessica R. said...

As always, I look forward to your revelations.

4:37 AM


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