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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Unfamous genius at work

My friend Stephanie is one of the best writers I know. Her form, in the past, has been email (though she's dabbled in comix and now is looking to author children's lit). Her style, minimalist. She is the queen of the short cogent sentence that rings like a bell inside your head after you've left it. Also, she came to our wedding dressed as a wedding cake -- in a costume she made -- so that should tell you something.

Now, as it should be, she has a blog. You don't know who she is because to the world she is mostly known as Mom to Alex and Nate and Wife/Rock/Stimulant to Christopher. But if there's any justice, she'll get some heat in the mom blog world. It might take a while -- she ain't flashy. But trust me, there's there there.


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