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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Just like a woman

The girlgroup list is up in arms about Alessandra Stanley's aggro-femme comment in her review of the new bad show "Love Monkey" -- to wit, that no woman actually likes Bob Dylan, but we all fake it to pleasure our men, the way we fake liking camping or golf. Oh dear, it must have seemed witty when she wrote it. Yet though I am a living refutation of her statement, I must admit that when I was peripherally working on the Dylan exhibit at EMP, I ran across very few Bob fanatics. So ladies out there, let me know -- how do you feel and live your Dylan love?
(photo of Bob and Suze Rotolo courtesy the Telegraph of London.)


Anonymous caryn said...

But is the number of female Dylan fanatics out of proportion, to, say, Springsteen fanatics? Or devotees of Pete Townshend? What was the male/female breakdown when Troubadour of the Highway was at the EMP? Or the British Invasion exhibit? Seriously curious.

I always feel like a minority, period. And I always get into the dumb-ass conversation in the parking lot with the guy who decides to explain to me about the title of 'Baba O'Riley' and isn't even close to getting it right, but, c'mere little lady, let me share my great wisdom with you.

There are probably more male Dylan fans than female ones but that article was just a dumb-ass sweeping generalization that I yawned at. Heard it all before.

9:05 AM

Blogger M said...

I sense there are a LOT more female Bruce fanatics than Dylan ones. Nevertheless I got two emails from women friends who were incensed about the comments (both were big Dylan fans obv.).

2:33 PM

Blogger Ali said...

What could she possibly have meant about Dylan? I mean, I think Bruce beats Dylan in terms of sex appeal, but I don't think that's what Stanley was alluding to. It was a bizarre thing to say and I, too, talked about it with a few other women who were equally confused. So there's another handful of sincere female Seattlite Dylan fans.

10:49 AM

Blogger maggie said...

yeah, I was very confused by that one. and caryn I hear ya - I am the always the one correcting weird sound guys at the bowery or something about when keith moon died.

4:15 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

(my demographic: I am 41 and have been in numerous bands in the 80's and 90's onward.)
I really have only heard the pop hits of Dylan's and they are great, but I never really understood the Dylan worship, which I attributed to simply being outside of the historical context in which they were birthed.

I DID read several biographies and cross-textural histories of the musical/political/cultural variety, and I always had a bit of an aversion to Dylan.
I think it MOSTLY had to do with the way I perceived he treated women.

But I def understand the greatness of a lot of his material and will watch any doc that comes out...

I haven't read the article you are referring to yet.

My boyfriend was always a fan of Joni Mitchell...
and I never got into her either...I think she has to come to you at the right time.

12:36 PM


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