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Friday, January 20, 2006

Open Surrogacy -- it's the future

Did y'all see page one piece in the NY Times today about the trend toward open surrogacy? This is SUCH a good thing, for surrogate families, adoptive families, and the whole retooled "nuclear family" concept in general. It's fascinating that the EVIL EMPIRE of the fertility industry is reiterating so directly the mistakes of the old-fashioned adoption model (in that case, the agencies kept things closed long after all members of the triad wanted more openness.) This guy's in the Darth Vader role:

"We want the recipient to feel she's getting genetic material from the donor with which she can make a baby that is very much hers," said Dr. Brian M. Berger, director of the donor egg program at Boston I.V.F. "If you then try to create a personal relationship between donor and recipient, it becomes more murky. The donor has an investment which we'd rather they didn't have."

So that means a non-genetic mother has to lie to herself, her child and the world to make her baby hers? And that the genetic and sometiimes gestational mother should just "get over," forget, her baby? Gee, that sounds familiar -- exactly what the well-meaning fools at yesterday's Homes for Unwed Mothers told birthmoms who gave up their kids for adoption. Concerned United Birthparents (though I don't endorse their utter fear of adoptive parents) shoudl get on this.


Anonymous Mallory said...

Thanks so much Ann for keeping a look out for the good of us all! I truly wish that there were more people as openly concerned about these tradgedies as you!

4:02 PM


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