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Monday, October 10, 2005

Resurrection of Cici

Via fimoculous, where dudeman has not been updating the links nearly often enough, this uncut visit into Courtney's current mind state. Damn. She's still so smart. Drives me more than a little crazy.

In other news, I should have known that my screen boyfriend Jonny is starring in the new, blech, Woody Allen flick. I admit I never got over that Soon-yi shit. Well, maybe it's time.


Blogger jfury said...

So heartening to see she's *wiser* as well as still-so-smart. I often wonder if the more tuned-in you are to reality, the crazier you are (or will become). Like, if your level of awareness correlates to your level of nutty-ness. Or something.

2:54 PM

Blogger mairead said...

i miss requesting "violet" at skate king (and getting the death-eyes from 3eb fans).

&. interview outtakes are posted here.

7:49 PM


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